Trust & Fiduciary

  • Provide recommendations for the most suitable trust vehicle for the customer.
  • Serve as Trustee for revocable or irrevocable trusts created by inter-vivos documents or by Will.
  • Actively manage the assets of the account relationship on a tax-sensitive basis using internal and external investment approaches. This incorporates an overall asset allocation strategy utilizing investments encompassing domestic and foreign equities, plus, fixed income and alternative investments.
  • Exercise discretionary powers of the trust in an experienced, objective and timely manner; considering the needs of the income and remaining beneficiaries.
  • Serve as Guardian of an estate for a person who is no longer able to make decisions.
  • Prepare and file all required federal and state fiduciary income tax returns.
  • Interact with the grantor and/or the beneficiaries to assure coordination with other financial intermediaries.