Investment Management

Each relationship at Smithfield Trust Company is treated as its own “family office,” regardless of account size. The professionals who comprise our investment management team work hand-in-hand with our tax and estate planning professionals in order to produce a portfolio that is specifically customized to each individual’s personal situation.

  • With over twenty years of investment management experience and success, Smithfield Trust Company offers a personal approach to asset management, thereby allowing for the complete understanding of each relationship’s financial goals and needs, which is necessary in order to protect assets and build generational wealth.
  • As a fiduciary, our internally managed investment strategy works for the benefit of our customers, not our employees or fund providers, ensuring that each investment is made in the best interest of each of our customers, their families, and their long-term financial health.
  • We understand that each customer’s portfolio, as well as his or her financial responsibilities and goals, are acutely unique.
  • In an effort to provide the most appropriate and comprehensive professional recommendations and advice, our investment management professionals consider all of our customers’ external investments and holdings. Our goal is to look at the “big picture”, i.e. recognizing the importance of managing assets held at Smithfield Trust Company in conjunction with any and all external investments.

Our personal approach to customer relationships, as well as our ability to coordinate with tax and estate planning teams, combine to provide for a globally diversified and tactically positioned investment portfolio that emphasizes tax efficiency, full liquidity, and transparency.