Investment Management

Asset Allocation Emphasis and Analysis

Equities Management

  • Customized.
  • Combination of internal and external management.
  • Multiple capitalization ranges using both value and growth styles.
  • Domestic and international equities.
  • Favor the use of individual securities where possible for efficient tax management.

Fixed Income Management

  • Favor intermediate term portfolios with investment grade bonds.
  • Employ comprehensive, low-risk strategies such as “laddering” and “bar bell” approaches.
  • Use either alone or a combination of individual bonds and or bond funds to accomplish the customer's goals.
  • Either taxable bonds or tax-exempt municipal bonds will be used depending on the tax bracket or status of the customer.

Money Market Funds

  • Taxable Money Market Funds are Triple A rated by three or more rating agencies and NAIC approved.
  • Pennsylvania Tax-Exempt Money Market Funds uses only high rated, short-term municipal securities.
  • No 12b-1 fees or swap fees are taken by Smithfield Trust Company, thus providing higher short-term yields.

Alternative and Nontraditional Investments

  • Private equity and venture capital opportunities provided through Smithfield Equity Associates and other firms.
  • Managed futures.
  • Hedge funds (diversified strategies).
  • Oil and gas drilling ventures.
  • Commodities.
  • REITs.